Claudia Rivarelli Fitness Model

Claudia Rivarelli Fitness Model

Claudia Rivarelli Biography:
Born in Montevideo, Uruguay South America. From the age of 6, started skating because had a problem in legs. Thanks to this sport, my legs are fantastic today. When I was 16, I started as a fashion designer and is actually one of my current professions. I have always been athletic and have liked sports, fitness and martial arts (kick boxing).

I studied at my local University (Communication Area 3 years) and took 2 years of graphic design at Bios University. I got into female modeling at the age 18. I was a runway model but I really didn't like my slim body and wanted to change to a more muscular physique. I'm currently a fitness model and do photo shoots in Uruguay, Argentina and Brazil. I will soon be doing photo shoots in the United States and Mexico. I have also appeared in magazines, catalogs, TV programs and web sites.

Michelle Levesque Fitness Model

Michelle Levesque Fitness Model
Michele Levesque is a Top Fitness Model from a small village in Quebec Canada known for its mountain biking and skiing. Michele is a long time devote to gymnastics, figure skating, biking and skiing.

She has always had an intense temperament and is on the lookout for a new challenge. For 12 years she focused on track and field, competing at a national level where she progressing from the sprints to running 30 kilometers on the road!

Running was her "drug", inspiration, and release until she had knee surgery. Her world fell apart and she lapsed into gloom and despair. Her passion for weights and dumbbells developed from the time she was in rehabilitation for her knee. Aside from running, lifting weights was the only way she got satisfaction. She had discovered a second obsession! One day while leafing through magazines, she told herself that she would be the person on the cover in the future. And here she is now...gracing magazine covers and pages in many popular fitness magazines...she is on the road to becoming one of the top fitness models in the industry.

Now based in Montreal Canada, she studied kinesiology at University, she worked as a personal trainer for a couple of years, is a certified massage therapist who specialized in sport therapy. And she is also a flight attendant.

In November 2006, she participated in her first figure competition and WON the overall. And this was just the beginning. One year later she won the Figure America World Figure Championship in Hollywood. She also won the Figure Universe 2007.

Her first competition was a learning experience. By believing in herself she reached perfect harmony between her body and mind. It helped Michele boost her confidence and her self-esteem. And she encourages women from all over the world to keep training hard, loving themselves inside and out to reach their goals.

Ready for the next competition step, Michele is on the brink of being one of the hottest fitness models on the scene. She already graces the cover of various fitness magazines. She is featured in television interviews, fitness documentaries, and even on the big screen! Soon she will be endorsing the best fitness products on the market...Be careful, you will get addicted really fast to this sexy, charming, delightful, sweet and passionate French Canadian.